Specific skills

Project management

- Management and planning of various industrial projects (research, development and European/worldwide deployment of new additives for industrial cooling systems).
- Follow up of new products through all the steps of the setting up.
- Taking the executive lead for the European region of projects involving many collaborators (research, marketing, EH&S, production, sales force etc.).
- Experience in human leadership (technicians, commercial engineers).
- Skills in social relations and training others.
- Creation, development and co-ordination of a Franco-Japanese research collaboration between 4 physics and chemistry laboratories.

Synthesizing techniques - Reformulation of industrial additives,
- Design and installation of specific synthesis apparatus,
- Pyrolysis,
- Vacuum techniques,
- High pressure high temperature synthesis,
- Synthesis in sealed tubes,
- Thermal and chemical purification.
Physical and chemical characterisations - Structure : X-ray diffraction, X-ray diffraction under pressure at the ESRF and the LURE, 23Na NMR.
- Development and/or use of specific techniques for industrial water chemistry : electrochemical techniques, weight loss techniques, pilot recirculating systems, anti-scaling tests, etc.
- Microscopies : SEM, optical.
- Physical and chemical analysis : ICP, TG-DTA, XPS, fluorescence, UV and flame emission spectroscopy, electronic microprobe, potentiometric analysis.
- Physical properties : viscosity, stability, inelastic neutron scattering at the ILL, UV-Vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, Raman spectrometry, SQUID, electrical conductivity, etc.
Full scale experiments - Planning and follow up of full scale trials of newly develloped products (manufacturing, primary metals and high tech industries).
I. T.

- Windows, MS Office, Lotus Notes, SAP, Charms, PIMS.
- Origin, Atoms, Fullprof, Cerius 2 etc.
- DW4, QBasic, HTML, assembler, notions of C++.

Languages - Bilingual French - English,
- Conversational Japanese,
- Basic notions of German and Dutch.
Misc. Trainings

- Safety on Site,
- CSP (Commercial Sales Person),
- VSP (Versatile Sales Person),
- 7 Habits.