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Senior Research Chemist at the Applied Water Technology Research Laboratory
NALCO (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Main topic Water chemistry for industrial cooling systems

_ Development, field trial and world wide deployment of new corrosion inhibiting formulations for industrial closed cooling systems.
_ Co-ordination and support of numerous projects related to industrial cooling water treatment. Supply chain follow up of new products (from the laboratory's bench to the customers' sites).
_ Reformulation and deployment of existing products. Objective: decrease costs, increase performance and/or stability, addition of tracers for automatic dosage control etc.
_ Prospecting work and exploration of ideas for new technologies.
_ Advanced technological support to the field.

(2 yrs)
Post-doctorate in the Laboratory of Applied Chemistry of Hiroshima University under the direction of Pr. S. Yamanaka (Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan)
Main topic High Pressure / High Temperature Synthesis of new silicon clathrates
(Ba8Si46 and I8Si46-xIx).

_ Development of high pressure and high temperature synthesis in order to obtain new types of silicon and germanium based materials.
_ Creation, development and co-ordination of a Franco-Japanese research joint venture between 4 physics and chemistry laboratories.
_ The outcome of this work was the publication of 6 papers in high standard international journals (Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. B etc.) and an increasing interest from industrial groups for these materials.

1995 - 1999
(3 yrs)
PhD in material science at the I.C.M.C.B. (Bordeaux Condensed Matter Chemistry Institute) under the direction of Pr. M. Pouchard and Dr. C. Cros (Bordeaux, France)
Title Synthesis and characterisation of various silicon clathrates:
MxSi136 and M8Si46.
Result _ Design and development of silicon clathrates synthesis (set up of a high temperature, secondary vacuum synthesis apparatus).
_ Various chemical and physical characterizations (see skill section).
_ This work revealed the exceptional properties of these materials and the long term industrial potential.

(6 months)
Engineer at the S.E.P. (European Propulsion Society) (Saint Médard en Jalles, France)
Topic Resistivity measurements on carbon/carbon composite materials.

_ Study of the effect of various parameters (level of densification, fibre arrangement etc. ) on the resistivity of carbon/carbon composite materials.
_ This pointed out the unreliability of the current measurement protocol.
_ Development of a more reliable and cheaper measurement procedure.

(4 months)
Research placement at Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom).
Topic Quantitative analysis of traces of heavy metals in the environment
using natural bio-indicators.

_ Development of a procedure to measure the concentration of heavy metals in the environment using natural bio-indicators.
_ Validation of this procedure by analysis of samples collected on site.

(3 months)
Research placement at the LSMC (Molecular and Crystalline Spectroscopy Laboratory), (Talence, France)
Topic Automation of a Raman Spectrometer.

_ Automation of a Raman Spectrometer, creation and coding of an acquisition software.
_ This linkage made possible the modernisation of an old apparatus and prevented the laboratory to make a prohibitive investment (more than 1 million francs).

(3 months)
Technician at the C.E.A. (Nuclear Research Center) (Saclay, France).
Topic Automation of a gamma dose measurement process.
Result _ Computerisation of a thermoluminescent dosimeter (LiF and CaSO4) reading apparatus.

1990 - 1991
(2 * 5 weeks)
Technician at the C.E.T.E. (Centre d'Etude Technique de l'Equipement) (Bordeaux, France).
Topic Quality control on building sites.

_ Quality validation of various concretes used for building bridges.
_ Quality validation of the water tightness coping used in roadworks.
_ All measurments were performed on site.